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Efflorescence Cleaning To Wash Away The Grit & Powder Off Your Kirkwood Stone Exteriors

Efflorescence cleaning

Looking for a business that can help you with your search for efflorescence cleaning services in the Kirkwood area? Well, you can end your search here. City Wide Softwash is one of the only local pressure washing businesses to offer efflorescence cleaning.

In fact, City Wide Softwash is one of the only businesses to offer a great variety of specialty pressure washing for Kirkwood residents. All of our services and care are here to help you reclaim what's yours. Check out some of what we can offer you here:

  • Rust & Oxidation Removal
  • Concrete Cleaning
  • Red Clay Stain Removal
  • Mobile Vehicle Detailing
  • Gutter Guard Installation
  • Plus more

Our business has the best-of-the-best that's all to improve your exterior surfaces and quality of life. So let's get into what efflorescence cleaning is and what it can mean for you.

What Is Efflorescence And What Causes It?

So what is efflorescence? Efflorescence is the crystalline deposit of salt that forms when surfaces are exposed to water. The salt deposits are what is left when the water evaporates. It can also be a powdery substance that forms on walls and requires special treatment to remove.

While it may not seem like a serious issue at first, efflorescence can be problematic. During the process, water will move toward salt to reduce the overall concentration. When this happens, it causes big hydrostatic pressures within the material. If efflorescence is not treated properly, this pressure can damage or destroy the material.

Brick & Concrete Efflorescence Removal

Brick and concrete can be affected by efflorescence. Since efflorescence most greatly affects porous materials, bricks will need more maintenance than other surfaces. City Wide Softwash can offer you efflorescence cleaning services for any and all surfaces that you notice efflorescence on.

Our team of experts will be able to assess your individual situation and help you determine how extensive any damage may be. Most times, efflorescence cleaning is simple and easy when done routinely. Without the proper level of care and treatment, you may need to repair or replace areas that have been destroyed or greatly damaged by the efflorescence.

Contact City Wide Softwash today to learn more about scheduling efflorescence cleaning for your property. We want to make sure that you get the best-of-the-best treatment and our experience and level of care will ensure that you do.

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