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Roof Cleaning Completed By Kirkwood Soft Washing Pros

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Looking for the best soft washing provider to give you the best roof cleaning here in Kirkwood? City Wide Softwash is the business for you.

Over the years, our business has perfected the services we offer and has grown an excellent track record in service and quality. One such service that we are proud of is roof cleaning. It's one of the most popular services we offer in addition to incredible services that you're not likely to find anywhere else. Check some of them out below:

We're here to provide the best pressure washing for Kirkwood residents. We strive to meet and exceed your expectations. If you're interested in experiencing what we can do for you, contact our team of professionals today.

For now, read on to learn more about the benefits of roof cleaning.

Soft Washing Roofs

So how does roof cleaning work? Well, most of the time roof cleaning uses soft washing practices. What is soft washing? We should know all about that since it's in our name.

Soft Washing is the process of using garden hose pressure to apply a cleaning solution in order to clean more fragile surfaces. Pressure washing is known to be very intense and can clean tough surfaces like concrete without damaging them. Soft washing is reserved for surfaces that can't quite withstand normal pressure washing. Soft washing is the only approved method to clean a standard roof and other methods will void any roof warranty. Most roofs have shingles on them that can easily be blasted away by the intense pressures of standard pressure washing. Soft washing keeps your roof safe, while also cleaning the surface of stains and grime.

Looking to sell your home? Having your roof washed before listing your property will give it an instant boost to your curb appeal and leave your roof in much better condition for potential buyers!

The Benefits Of Roof Cleaning

At first glance, roof cleaning is a service to clean the surface of your roof. It gets rid of stains, grime, mold, algae, dirt, debris, and more. However, roof cleaning is also a protective service that helps keep your home safe and healthy when done routinely.

The pollutants that are found on the surface of your roof can cause structural damage to your roof and home if left untreated. It can even pose health risks if it gets particularly bad. We don't want you to suffer at all, which is why we recommend that every homeowner invests in roof cleaning at least once per year to best maintain their roof and home.

Recent Roof Cleaning Projects

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On this project, we were hired to clean a slate roof that had some gloeocapsa magma (the black stuff you see on dirty roofs) starting to build up on it. Slate roofs clean up extraordinarily well and having them washed routinely will greatly extend the life […]

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