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Meticulous House Washing & Gutter Cleaning in St. Louis Hills, MO

Meticulous House Washing & Gutter Cleaning in St. Louis Hills, MO

I received an email from a customer who needed her gutters cleaned and her house washed that was located in the St. Louis Hills Neighborhood. I looked up the address she provided and was able to call and give her an estimate within 10 minutes. She agreed to the quote and I scheduled the job the same week.

Upon arriving at her property, I walked the property to look for any previous damage, exposed electrical outlets, or anything potential problem that could occur during the house wash. I set my ladders up and removed all the debris from the gutters first and then followed up with flushing them out. She had just recently bought the house and didn't know when the last time the gutters had been cleaned. Judging by the debris in the gutters, it had been a long time.

We had only discussed gutter cleaning for the house, but I noticed the garage's gutter was overflowing so I took care of those for her as well free of charge. Also, one section of gutters had some cheap plastic guards you could get from Home Depot, however, they were loose in several areas and a squirrel had chewed through an area as well. The gutters were completely clogged underneath them so I took them off and hauled them away for her.

Once the gutters were all cleaned, I started on the house wash. Starting from the bottom and working my way to the top, all the siding, soffits, gutters, and facia boards got a cleaning treatment. Once the solution did its work cleaning all the organic growth, I rinsed the house from the top down.

Once the house wash was completed, I cleaned up any leaves on the ground from the gutter cleaning & brightening. I showed my customer the before and after pictures to give her a piece of mind that we did a thorough job cleaning both stories of gutters. She was so pleased with our quick response, easy scheduling, and overall service quality, that she left us an amazing review!

Service provided: Gutter Cleaning & Brightening

Location: St. Louis, MO

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Client Review

We contacted City Wide to power wash our home and clean our gutters. They were quick to get back with a quote, on time for the appointment and over delivered on the job! We also received before and after photos via email, which was appreciated. 10/10 overall service.

- Heather Hill

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