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Pressure Washing in Eureka, MO

Pressure Washing in Eureka, MO

I got a call from a customer looking to have their 300-foot-long retaining wall pressure washed. It has never been pressure washed before and is over 70 years old. Normally I would softwash a vertical surface like this retaining wall to prevent damaging the mortar joints, however, the owner informed me he wanted the wall as clean as possible without the use of chemicals because he was going to tuck-point the joints after the job was completed. So for this job, we used our pressure washing wand with a turbo nozzle tip, and for the top of the wall, it was wide enough for us to use a surface cleaner. This made this pressure washing job go a lot faster and smoother for me. This was a very long job as this was the biggest retaining wall I have ever pressure-washed. This kind of job is very tedious and tiring on the body as it involves precious passes of the pressure washing wand to not miss any spots on the wall. You can't rush this job without jeopardizing the quality of the pressure cleaning.

Overall the customer was beyond thrilled with the results of the pressure washing work we had completed on their property. They had never seen the wall cleaned before and were very thankful for our attention to detail cleaning it. They were so happy with our service, that they scheduled us to come back in the spring to perform a gutter cleaning service.

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Location: Eureka, MO

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